Above, you can see a sample page from the Teacher's Manual. Notice that it includes the information found in the Student's Manual (Student's Manual page) plus so much more useful information.

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Steps to Maturity is a 3-year, in-depth Bible study in three courses for adults and teens. It introduces the student to God in real and meaningful terms, helping him to grow as a Christian and guide him in his relationship with God. It trains the student to base his thinking and actions upon the foundation and authority of God and His Word. The Student's Manual contains illustrated lessons, assignment sheets, memory work, and a devotional/prayer section. The Teacher's Manual includes the student manual as well as in-depth appendices, notes and suggestions for teaching each lesson. Both teacher and student manuals are provided in loose-leaf 3-ring-notebook binders for convenient flexibility.


18 lessons/29 sessions. Covers evidence of inspiration of Scripture, creation vs. evolution, human nature, the Godhead, missions, witnessing, knowing the will of God.

Teacher's Manual (364 pages)
Student's Manual (290 pages)
Teaching Visuals Packet (available for Volume 1 only)


10 lessons/29 sessions. Focuses on discipleship and God's standard for His children regarding the occult, the opposite sex, questionable activities and more.

Teacher's Manual (302 pages)
Student's Manual (222 pages)

Volume 3, LIVING!

20 lessons/27 sessions. This course examines the Christian's responsibility to reveal God; it provides Biblical solutions to practical situations, including love, change, forgiveness, depression, anger, guilt, the Spirit-controlled life, and the judgment seat of Christ.

Teacher's Manual (302 pages)
Student's Manual (222 pages)

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