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We believe the Bible is the complete and verbally inspired Word of God. It is made up of 66 books and is without error in its original manuscripts. As a result, it is the supreme standard for faith and conduct.

We believe in one living, eternal and true God, existing in three persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three are coeternal, and coequal from all eternity. Each has distinct personalities, but all are of one essence, having the same attributes and perfections.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, coexistent with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We believe that He came to the world as a man without ceasing to be God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and died on the cross as a vicarious substitutionary sacrifice for all sin. He was buried, rose again bodily from the dead, and ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven. He now acts as High Priest and serves as Intercessor and Advocate.

We believe in the personal, imminent, pre-millennial return of the Lord Jesus Christ in the air for His Church. We further believe that at least seven years later He will return again to the earth with His church. This return will be a personal, visible, physical, and glorious return at which time He will establish His Millennial Kingdom and reign in righteousness, justice, and true holiness.

We believe in the personal work of the Holy Spirit. This work includes the following:

  • Conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment
  • The regeneration of sinners
  • The indwelling and sealing of believers, keeping them secure in Christ forever.

We further believe that there is but one baptism of the Spirit into the Body of Christ, and that occurs at the time of Salvation. We also believe that Pentecost is an historical event and is not to be repeated. Furthermore, we believe that the Holy Spirit guides the believer into all truth, and that it is the believer's privilege and responsibility to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.

We believe man was created in the image of God. In Adam's sin the human race fell, inherited a sinful nature, and became alienated from God. We further believe that man, being totally depraved, is, of himself, unable to remedy his lost condition.

We believe that salvation for the sinner is wholly of grace through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a gift from God, and all who receive Christ are born again of the Holy Spirit, thereby becoming children of God. We further believe that all the redeemed, once saved, are kept secure by God's power.

We believe that all those who are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, will spend eternity in full enjoyment of God's presence. Those who refuse to accept God's offer of Salvation, and refuse to trust Him, and Him alone, to forgive their sin, will spend eternity in everlasting punishment.

We believe that all believers should live a God-honoring life that is above reproach and separated from religious apostasy and sinful pleasures and practices.

We believe that every believer has been made responsible for involvement in fulfilling the "Great Commission" of the Lord Jesus Christ to give the Gospel to every creature throughout the world.

We believe that Satan is a person (apparently the highest created angel), the author of sin, the cause of the fall, the open and declared enemy of God and man; he shall be eternally punished in the lake of fire.




Dr. Clemens' biography

Dr. David A. Clemens has been involved in a national and international Bible teaching ministry for over fifty years, traveling extensively throughout the United States as well as in thirty-one foreign countries. He is the author of Steps to Maturity, an extensive three-volume/six-book set of practical Biblical studies. God has graciously allowed these materials to be used in and translated into eight languages.

Overseas opportunities, each one spanning from one week to two years, include the countries of Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Jordan, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Guyana, Zambia, and Cuba.

Dr. Clemens' domestic and overseas preaching/teaching responsibilities take him regularly to churches, summer Bible conferences, colleges, seminaries, retreats, and mission staff conventions. Conferences at which he has been privileged to minister include Montrose Bible Conference, Central Manor Bible Conference, America's Keswick, Odosagih Bible Conference, and The Fellowship Deaconry. It has also been his privilege to share the pulpit with men such as Drs. Lehman Strauss, Andrew Telford, Jack Wyrtzen, Donald Hubbard, William Mierop, Warren Wiersbe, James Jeremiah, and Art Larson. Among colleges at which he has been privileged to minister are Philadelphia Biblical University, The Kings College, Washington Bible College, Capitol Bible Seminary, Lancaster Bible College, Eastern College, Ontario Bible College, Columbia Bible College, Graham Bible College, Covenant College, Bryant College, Tennessee Temple Schools, Biblical Seminary, Asian Theological Seminary, and Southern Baptist Seminary in the Philippines. Missions staff and missionary groups to whom he has been privileged to speak include TEAM, Child Evangelism Fellowship, The Bible Club Movement, Inc., Overseas Christian Serviceman's Centers (Cadence), and Life and Mission Ministries in Poland.

Dr. Clemens was a missionary/Bible teacher under the auspices of BCM International, Inc. (formerly The Bible Club Movement, Inc.) for over thirty-two years and is now Bible Teacher and President of David Clemens Bible Teaching Ministries, Inc.

He has been listed in Who's Who in America for the years 1998 to the present.

Dr. Clemens was ordained to the ministry in 1964 and has earned the PhD. and Th.D. degrees. He has served in the pastorate and on the mission field, and now lives in Marlton, New Jersey, with his wife, Janice.





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September 01, 2019

On August 26, the first words from David's lips to my ears were:  "I see the hand of God everywhere."  (In his message preparations, our God had just helped him find something he REALLY needed, and he had just thanked Him.)

Those words instantly flooded my mind with mental snapshots of some of the "everywhere" places where David or we have seen that beautiful Hand of God at work:

· Zambia, Africa.  Outside, alone, he heard the sound of the wind in the trees; it was absolutely, totally out of season in that extremely hot, hot location.  But it was as though the very presence of God Himself through the precious Holy Spirit was reassuring David of His presence to aid, protect, strengthen, and use him it that place. ... And He did.

· Then, there was that "snapshot" of Poland on David's first trip after knee surgery (probably a little too soon).  He slipped on a very hard bathroom floor in the home where he was staying.  He was heading down to fall solidly on his knees!  To this day, David cannot explain the specifics of that moment, but one thing is for sure:  he was somehow held, lifted up, and put back on his feet...by that beautiful Hand of God.

· And then, in this mental picture album, he is shown en route to Cuba.  Forlorn, confused, and "alone," waiting a ways back in a long airport check in line, David had no clue how to function in that airport, and he could not decipher the instructions for a form he HAD to fill out.  He did not know what to do or even how to begin.  BUT GOD...!  All were waiting, facing a blank paneled wall, when, all at once, one small, low panel opened, a lady employee crawled out on hands and knees, crossing the inactive conveyor belt, stood, walked past all the people ahead of David, and then said in perfect English, "May I help you?"  Can you imagine the relief and blessing of that moment???  Well, she, indeed, did help him, actually filling out the form FOR him.  And THEN, she repositioned herself to the next location for the process of checking in, and she helped by reassigning him to a better seat and helping him through customs!  (That was more like a video than a mental snapshot!)  God was DEFINITELY THERE; His hand reached out via His helper who kept showing up in the nick of time.  David surely saw the Hand of God everywhere in his world that day!!!

· Today's last mental "snapshot" was of Holland, the Dutch camp, about seven years ago.  The focus?  It was the big, old tree on the camp property, ...and it was full of yellow-ribbon bows! David had used the song, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree" as an illustration of a Biblical point he made.  The teens were so moved by the challenge to come back to God OR to come TO God through Christ Jesus, that, back in their rooms and outside together, they wanted to do something to show God of the genuineness of their decisions, and they also wanted others to see it.  They walked into town, bought the ribbon, prepared the bows, and hung them all over that "even-more-beautiful-than-ever" tree!!!  It was a most amazing sight because, on that day, in those precious teens, we surely saw the Hand of our God everywhere we looked.  It was ... The Lord.

All that any of us has to do is look, and we, too, can see the hand of God ... everywhere!  We are looking to see it specially, starting August 31, 2019, as we head out to Poland to teach The precious Truths of The Book That Lives!

Please pray, will you ...

· for opportunities en route to share Christ Jesus and see other(s) receive Him.  (Since we two will be seated separately for the 8-hour flight, there may be even extra opportunities);

· for the Holy Spirit of God to soften, open, and move attendees' hearts to learn, love, and obey Him and His Word;

for the meetings to be filled with His presence, so surely that it would remind us of 2 Chronicles 5:11-14, especially, "...then the house of the Lord was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud,  for the glory of the Lord filled the House of God."

for David to have liberty in speaking and teaching The Truth (the ageless, the very words of God Himself);

Please give thanks, and "praise God from Whom all blessings flow" ...

· for the pastors, organizers, workers, and our host and hostess, all preparing diligently for coming meetings;

· for the strength and health for us to go and teach

And, we thank YOU for EVERY PRAYER, EVERY PENNY, EVERY UPLIFTING WORD AND HELPFUL ACT.  NOTHING IS TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  WE TOGETHER SERVE OUR MARVELOUS GOD.  You are such a beautiful part of this work.  We all have been chosen by God to work side by side until working days are done!!  Thank you, all the way into eternity!!!

Your brother and sister in Christ, with love,

David and Janice